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10 Green Innovations of 2010 February 8, 2011

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Despite a sluggish economic market, the green economy continues to expand and 2010 was no exception. Here were some of last year’s most interesting innovative concepts.

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Eco Printer Prints With Disappearing Ink, Making Paper Reusable February 4, 2011

Back in December we shared some ideas on how to best use the P&P Office Waste Paper Processor— you know, the one that turns paper into pencils? Now if that machine is a great idea for classrooms, perhaps this Magic Erase Board invention for printers can be the equivalent for high paper volume offices. What is it exactly

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Reduced Packaging Does Not = Sustainability January 3, 2011

Is there a bad side to reducing packaging? Ethical Consumption’s look into what’s what in the sustainable business world continues with a look at packaging.

According to the Global Packaging Project (GPP), the answer is ‘yes’ to a downside and it could be more wasteful than the original packaging. So what is it and how can I avoid it?

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Alleviating the Drinkable Water Issue December 30, 2010

Collect, Cleanse, Roll, Drink and Repeat.Sustainable living in many countries throughout the World is inherent within the culture. Since sustain-ability is really focused on the ability to sustain something over a period of time, civilizations have learned the good and the bad of human curiosity. In Jared Diamond’s book Collapse, we are able to view civilizations throughout history and their respective achilles heels. One major global issue that has persisted from the beginning of civilization has been access to drinkable water. Now, a group of eco-designers have come up with an innovative solution to help: The AquaRing.


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Compostable Packaging A Bust? December 28, 2010

Compostables have boomed over the last five years, but are they really sustainable? Ethical Consumption continues its look into businesses that are walking the talk in the packaging arena. The compostable market including bags, event goodies, and packaging has been hailed as a solution to the developed world’s growing waste piles.

But has the research, infrastructure, and consumer mentalities really “gotten there” to make composting a viable and sustainable option?

An interesting debate since Frito Lay’s Sun Chips biodegradable bag was taken off the market because it was too noisy.


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Sweden’s Airplane Overnight Stop: Jumbo Hostel December 21, 2010

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Leave it to Sweden to creatively upgrade an old 1970s airplane into a hostel! With a modern almost futuristic interior, the hostel is nestled right next to the Arlanda airport, the largest in Sweden, located near Stockholm. The hostel has been perfecting the peculiarities since they opened for visitors in early 2009, and visitors have given their stay rave reviews. Take a glimpse into what was considered a hunk of scrap metal to see its transformation.

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The Story of Electronics December 14, 2010

Annie Leonard and Free Range Studios have teamed up with the Electronics Take Back Coalition to produce a new video called The Story of Electronics about the lifecycle of electronics and ways you can get involved to promote a more eco-friendly solution.

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The Modular and Recyclable Laptop December 10, 2010

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Check out the awesome, modular laptop that kicks the “design for the grave” theory highlighted in The Story of Electronics to the curb, for good. These laptops are nearly 100% recyclable and easy to disassemble. Say goodbye to Ewaste and bad design!



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Rentable Electric Cars in 2011 December 9, 2010

Traveling can be a sustainable living enthusiast’s worst nightmare. With air travel being an astronomical contributor to global emissions, and train travel often a few Federal funding dollars away, its important to try to make on the ground travel as low-impact as possible. Starting in 2011 you can do just that with Enterprise’s Rent A Car! They will be offering the Nissan Leaf Electric vehicles to their customers. With well over 5,000 locations scattered through out the U.S. one of these vehicles may just be in range.

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Post Consumer Waste Hits It Big

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Check out Tiffany’s article on 5 great products and packaging that utilize some of the highest amount of Post Consumer Waste on the market. You will never guess what government-run program makes the list!

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